Quabbin Regional High School

Extracurricular Activities

Quabbin Regional High School recognizes the value of extracurricular involvement in building connections, friendships, interests, skills and talents. Extracurricular activities include clubs, organizations and teams. Participating in one or more of these activities expands and enriches your high school experience. Your involvement in extracurricular activities demonstrates to future employers and college admissions counselors that you are diverse in your skills and interests AND have the ability to skillfully manage your time. Enrich your high school experience and maximize your potential – explore your opportunities!

To participate in co-curricular activities, you must remain eligible by earning a passing grade in every subject. Full description of eligibility can be found in The Student Handbook (see Athletic/Co-curricular Eligibility).

Activities (a-z):

Beekeeping Club:  Learn how to care for bees and the process of harvesting honey.
Advisor:  Elecia Andrews eandrews@qrsd.org

Drama Club: Drama Club members perform 1-3 plays throughout the school year and dedicate a great deal of time to studying acting, directing, set design, costuming, and lighting. 
Advisor:  Lisa Payne lpayne@qrsd.org

Film-making & Media: Students learn photography, broadcasting, writing, cinematography, and editing to create originsl student-led PSAs, news and sports segments for Q News, and original short films. The group meets every Tuesday after school.
Advisor: Carol-Anne Hebert-Villanova  cvillanova@qrsd.org

High School Student Government: High School Student Government at Quabbin consists of four class Officers and members of Student Senate.
Advisor:  Eleni Marinelli emarinelli@qrsd.org

International Club: International Club members participate in activities that promote language skills and the exploration of other cultures.

Link Crew: Link Crew is a group of junior and senior students that help freshmen transition into high school.

Massachusetts Envirothon Team: Envirothon members study forestry, soils, water, and wildlife, and conduct research for a yearly “current issue” presentation.  Selected members participate in the Massachusetts Envirothon Competition.

National Honor Society: The Excelsior chapter of the National Honor Society recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, character, leadership and service.

Quabbin Composting Program: Our program works to protect the environment for future generations by recycling food resources, through sustainable agriculture, and by encouraging these practices in our community. 
Advisor:  Elecia Andrews eandrews@qrsd.org

Quabbin GSA: the Gender Sexuality Alliance provides a safe, supportive, and welcoming group for LGBTQ students and their friends.
Advisor: Carol-Anne Hebert-Villanova cvillanova@qrsd.org

Yearbook Club:  The Yearbook Club is responsible for the creation and production of Quabbin’s Yearbook.


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