Student Services Office

872 South Street
Barre, MA 01005
Phone: 978-355-2055
FAX: 978-355-6756

Kristin Campione, Ed. D., Director of Student Services

Diana Sanelli, Student Services Coordinator


The mission of Student Services is to improve student performance by implementing a strong network of services for students and their families. Student Services provides intervention at the earliest sign of at-risk behavior such as academic challenges, poor attendance, poor peer and adult relationships, violence, substance abuse, child abuse, health and mental health needs. It is a responsibility of Student Services to form and maintain strong collaboration with community agencies, law enforcement, parents, students and staff.

The District is committed to providing appropriate services for students with special needs, emphasizing collaborative models. The Special Education component of Student Services provides such options as speech and language support, adapted physical education, resource specialist support, as well as specialized programs. All programs are provided on general education campuses; the special education staff is incorporated into the total general education staff at all schools.

In accordance with federal and state laws, the Quabbin Regional School District provides special education services to all eligible students with disabilities between the ages of 3 and 22. A student may be referred for screening or an evaluation to determine eligibility by a parent or any person in a caregiving or professional position concerned with the student’s development.

Referrals for screening of three and four-year-old children should be directed to the early childhood team chairperson, Jill Dowgielewicz.  Preschool screening appointments are available during May and June.  Referrals for school-age children, including students not presently attending district schools, should be directed to the appropriate team chair of the local school at the student’s grade level.


Preschool through grade 2 

Jill Dowgielewicz, Team Chairperson

(978)355-4651, ext. 8211

Grade 3 through grade 7

Julie Brewer, Team Chairperson

(978)355-4651, ext. 8209 

Grade 8 through Post-Grad

Jill Langlois, Team Chairperson

(978)355-4651, ext. 8207