Office of the Superintendent

Dr. Sheila A. Muir, the Superintendent of the Quabbin Regional School District, is the chief executive officer of the school district, and is responsible for managing district-wide operations and providing educational leadership for the district’s schools, in conjunction with the administrative staff of principals, directors, and managers. The vision of developing and sustaining a community of learners guides the district’s mission to maximize academic achievement for all students.

As the district leader, all directors report directly to the superintendent.

Jessica Bennett is the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent.

During the superintendent selection process, the Quabbin Regional School Committee communicated its priorities for the leadership qualities that would best serve the needs of    the District.  A passionate, caring, knowledgeable, transformational leader, who was an experienced educator, skilled communicator and who put the needs of students at the forefront was sought.  The need for the new superintendent to be visible in the schools and the communities, to value young people and to build on, but not be tied to the past of the district was prioritized in the superintendent profile. This entry plan has been developed to address these priorities and goal that the superintendent “does not make change for change’s sake, but evaluates what is, before moving forward”, as articulated in the superintendent search profile.

Superintendent’s Entry Plan