Faculty & Staff Directory

You may reach any Quabbin Regional School District administrator, faculty or staff member by using their first initial, last name (as one word) followed by @qrsd.org. For example, Purnima DeMorais, Principal at the high school is pdemorais@qrsd.org

There are a few exceptions:
Oakham/New Braintree principal Tricia (Patricia) Worthington is tworthington@qrsd.org
Ruggles Lane Elementary School Cindy (Lucinda) Arnold is larnold@qrsd.org

You may also call a school and ask to speak directly to the party you’d like to contact.

Also, click on the name of the school of interest above to go to a school’s staff directory.  These provide a list of teachers, administrators, and other staff with their email address and some even list a phone extension.