Contact Us

Phone numbers for each of Quabbin school locations:

Central Office: (978)355-4668
fax:  (978)355-6756

Student Services located in Central Office: (978)355-2055
fax:  (978)355-6756

High School/Middle School: (978)355-4651
fax: (978)355-0163
MS/HS fax:  (978)355-6104

Middle/High School Nurse: (978)355-4651, ext. 8102
fax:  (978)355-6104

Middle/High School Athletics:  (978)355-4651 ext. 8004

Middle/High School facilities: (978)355-6177

Ruggles Lane Elementary School (Barre): (978)355-2934
fax:  (978)355-2870

Hardwick Elementary School: (413)477-6351
fax:  (413)477-6409

Hubbardston Center School:  (978)928-4487
fax:  (978)928-3753

Oakham Center School:  (508)882-3392
fax:  (508)882-0101

New Braintree Grade School:  (508)867-2553
fax:  (508)867-3331


Each of the Quabbin Regional School District’s staff members can be reached by email using the person’s first initial followed by their last name (no break, comma, dash or underline), with a few exceptions.