Fiscal Year 2021 Budget

Dear Reader: FY21 budget presentations and documents are posted below. It is important for the reader to know that this is the initial proposed budget, denoted as (PP1). It has been presented to the Budget Subcommittee, but the School Committee has not yet taken action. The School Committee will be hearing the Budget Subcommittee’s report at their regularly scheduled meeting on February 13, 2020.  This proposed budget uses projected revenue sources as released in the Governor’s Budget on January 22nd. Although we were all hopeful that The Student Opportunity Act would bring additional state aid to our district, it did not in the Governor’s budget. Quabbin is expected to receive $30/student ($58,230), referred to as “Hold Harmless Aid”. As the House of Representatives and Senate move through the Commonwealth’s budget process, we are again hopeful that some changes will be made to revenue sources, specifically reimbursements for Circuit Breaker and Regional School Transportation, which may allow the School Committee to use any increased funding sources to reduce member town assessments or to  increase the budget to meet identified educational needs, or both. Documents from QRSD Public Budget Hearing March 12, 2020: Public Budget Hearing Presentation Enrollment Data and History Report Historical Data Fiscal Year Total Member Town Assessments Historical Data State Funding of General Fund Budget Hold Harmless Regional Districts FY18 – FY21 Revenue Projections DESE Foundation Budget and RLC Calculations Documents from QRSD School Committee Meeting February 27, 2020: Budget Subcommittee Meeting Presentation – February 27, 2020 Line Item Budget FY21 (PP2) Function Subtotal Report FY21 (PP2) Appropriation Control Report FY21 (PP2) Documents from Budget Subcommittee Meeting January 28, 2020: Budget Subcommittee Meeting Presentation – January 28, 2020  How to Read the QRSD Budget Reports  Line Item Budget FY21 (PP1)  Function Subtotal Report FY21 (PP1)  Appropriation Control Report FY21 (PP1)