Budget Fiscal Year 2024

Dear Reader:

FY24 budget presentations and documents will be posted below, listed by meeting and date.

On January 24th, district administration presented the preliminary FY24 budget to the Budget Subcommittee. It is important for the reader to know that Budget Subcommittee does not approve the district’s budget. The School Committee will be hearing the Budget Subcommittee’s report at their regularly scheduled meeting on February 9, 2023. The School Committee votes to approve the district’s budget.

As required by statute and the regional agreement, a public hearing will be held in March on a date to be announced.  The public hearing will be held at the Educational Support Center located at 872 South Street in Barre, MA.  A link to the School Committee meeting, at which the public hearing will take place, will also be provided once the date and the agenda for the public hearing have been set.

As the Governor, the House of Representatives and the Senate move through the Commonwealth’s budget process, we are hopeful that some changes will be made to revenue sources funding public education, specifically Chapter 70 Aid, reimbursements for Special Education Circuit Breaker and Regional School Transportation, which may allow the School Committee to use any increased funding sources to reduce member town assessments or to increase the budget to meet identified educational needs, or both.

Please check this site often for updates to the coming year’s budget. Questions pertaining to the budget may be email to: budget@qrsd.org.


Budget Subcommittee Meeting Documents – 1/24/22

Budget Subcommittee Presentation

How to Read QRSD’s Budget Reports

Preliminary Line Item Budget FY24

Preliminary Function to ACR Report FY24

Preliminary Appropriation Control Report FY24