Public Meeting Participation


All regular and special meetings of the School Committee shall be open to the public. Executive sessions will be held only as prescribed by the Statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Quabbin Regional School District Committee welcomes public comment on matters within its purview. Accordingly, the Committee makes available a maximum 15-minute period at its regular meetings for individuals in the audience to address the Committee for no longer than three (3) minutes per person.

Written material of any length may be submitted in advance or at the meeting. Preference will be given to persons who seek to address the Committee on specific agenda items for the upcoming Committee meeting. Agendas for upcoming Committee meeting are generally posted several days prior to the meeting on the District website. Persons wishing to speak are strongly encouraged to submit their request before the day of the meeting; contact information is provided below. If time permits, the Chair will allow members of the public who have not contacted the Committee in advance to speak in the public comment period. Those individuals must sign in prior to the start of the meeting. The chairman may limit the number of speakers due to time constraints and may increase or reduce the time allocated per speaker of for the session. All agenda topics will be determined by the Chair and referred to subcommittee as appropriate.

While there is no requirement to submit written testimony, a speaker who elects to do so should submit 15 copies of the testimony prior to or at the meeting for distribution to Committee members. Requests to address the Committee, written testimony, and other inquiries may be transmitted by mail, e-mail, fax or telephone to:

School Committee Secretary
Quabbin Regional School District
872 South Street
Barre, MA 01005
978-355-4668 (tel)
978-355-6757 (fax)  (email)