Oakham Center School

Nurse / Health

Noreen Tremblay, BSN, RN, NCSN
School Nurse Oakham Center School
1 Deacon Allen Drive, Oakham, MA 01068
Phone 508-882-3392 
Fax 508-882-0101 


Information on the Corona Virus (COVID-19) may be found here.

Nurse’s Office Services:

  •  Assessment & Management of Acute Illness/Injury
  • Care/Case management of Children with Special Health Needs
  • Emergency Response – Individual, School-specific, Community–wide
  • Facilitation of Access to Care – Insurance, Medical Home, Oral Health, Behavioral Health
  • Health Education *
  • Medication Administration – Routine, PRN
  • Promotion/Maintenance of Healthy School Environment
  • Screening – Hearing, Vision, Scoliosis Height/Weight/BMI, Immunizations
  • Surveillance – Communicable Diseases, Chronic Diseases

*Examples of specific health issues addressed by health education and program development activities:  asthma, diabetes, food allergies, substance abuse, health weight (nutrition, physical activity), sexual issues, injury prevention (intentional/unintentional), skin cancer prevention, mental health, hygiene/sanitation.