School Closure Information

Please click on the buttons below for the latest information regarding school closure in the Quabbin Regional School District.

Online/Remote Learning Disclaimer:

We are asking all parents and guardians to read the statement below to ensure they understand the terms under which the Quabbin Regional School District online/remote learning take place.  Although it is not possible to ask parents to sign this agreement due to the COVID-19 crisis, we want to be clear that your child’s participation in online learning activities constitutes your consent to these terms. Please contact your school principal if you have any questions.

“In participating/allowing my child to participate in the Quabbin Regional School District’s online/remote learning activities, I understand and agree that my child’s image and voice will be transmitted over the internet, into the homes of other students and staff, and that the school district, while taking measures to ensure the secure transmission, cannot guarantee or warrant complete confidentiality of my/my child’s voice or image while participating in online learning.”