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School meals are a healthy option, a great value and a huge convenience for busy families. We look forward to welcoming your children to the cafeteria this school year.

About our Breakfast Menu

Studies show an increase in both attention skills and knowledge retention when children begin their day with a balanced, nutritious breakfast. School breakfast is a convenient, nutritious way to start the school day!

About our Lunch Menus

A healthy lunch is a critical piece to the overall educational experience, nourishing the body and setting the stage for a day of learning. We offer lunch menu options at each grade level, with increasingly more options at the older grade levels as your student matures and learn how to make healthier choices. 

Lunch from Home vs. School Lunch

It takes a real balancing act to create a bagged lunch that  equals the same nutrient value provided in a school lunch. Studies show that children who eat school lunch have higher nutrient intakes, both at lunch and throughout an entire day. This is great news, since when children are better nourished, they perform better in school. An average home lunch consisting of turkey sandwich, chips, an apple and water amounts to about $3.42, not taking into account the time it takes for you to prepare the bagged lunch. A similar school lunch ranges from $2.75-$3.00 and includes a choice of an entrée containing lean protein, health whole grains, vegetable dishes (green leafy, legumes, red/orange & starchy vegetables), fruit, and low fat or skim flavored milks.

NEW! Menus with Nutritional Analysis available in different languages Online, Android App and iphone App – More information to come in August.

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 My School Menus Mobile App

Our mobile app is designed for on-the-go parents and students.  Now everything about your school’s meals is at your fingertips.  Check out the menu choices available at your school daily.  You’ll also find important information about the nutrients and allergens right on your phone or other mobile device.

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Disclaimer: The nutritional information is taken from manufacturer’s labels and databases and is subject to change. Quabbin Regional School District does not guarantee the accuracy of the information and provides it solely for your convenience.

Breakfast Prices:

$1.50 Paid, $0.30 Reduced

Lunch Prices:

Elementary Schools = $2.75 Paid, $0.40 Reduced, $4.00 Adult

Middle/High School = $3.00 Paid, $0.40 Reduced, $4.00 Adult