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The Quabbin Regional School District School Committee recognizes that healthy, nutritious meals are an important component to student readiness and ability to learn. Each school within the district offers nutritious and well-balanced meals every school day. Free or reduced priced lunch and breakfast, where offered, is available to qualifying families. A 2017-2018 Massachusetts Free and Reduced Price School Meals Household Application can be downloaded from the district’s website at You may also request a copy from the office at your child’s school or by calling the Superintendent’s Office at 978-355-4668.

When known by the district, households will be notified by mail if children in the household are eligible for free lunch due to participation in SNAP, FDIR or TANF, otherwise referred to as being directly certified by the state. An application is not necessary if the household has been notified of direct certification eligibility. Please contact the district if a child residing in the household was not listed on the notice of eligibility.

When known by the district, households will be notified of any child’s eligibility for free meals if the child is “Other Source Categorically Eligible”, as defined by law as: a foster child, homeless, migrant, runaway, enrolled in an eligible Head Start, or pre-k class. If any child was not listed on the notice of eligibility, the household should contact the district about their eligibility or by submitting an application.

If a household has not been notified by mail that children in the household are eligible for free meals due to direct certification or categorically eligible, you may qualify for free or reduced price meals based on income eligibility. If the household income is at or below the limits below, please complete a 2017-2018 MA Free and Reduced Price School Meals Application.

You may complete an application at any time within the school year. Only one (1) application per household is required. Please return the household application to the school in which your youngest child attends. Households notified of their children’s eligibility for free or reduced priced meals must contact the district if the household chooses to decline the free or reduced meal benefits.

Benefits will continue for 30 operating days into the new school year. This year’s carry-over period ends on October 9th, unless the household is notified that their children are directly certified or the household submits an application that is approved, the children must pay full price for school meals beginning on October 13, 2017. The district will not send a reminder or a notice of expired eligibility.

All applications are confidential.

Please click on the link below for the application, how to apply and FAQ

Free & Reduced Lunch Application 2017-2018

Directions on how to apply

FAQ letter

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For questions regarding eligibility or completing the form, please call Keri DuBois-Gould at (978)355-4668, ext. 8512

Free & Reduced Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to complete a new application each year?
Yes. USDA allows a thirty-day grace period for students who were at a Quabbin Regional School District and on the program from the previous year. After 30 days students who do not have a current application on file will be charged full price for meals.

How long will it take for my application to be processed?
It may take ten days to approve your application. Students are expected to pay full price for meals. Parents are responsible for all charges until the application has been approved.

Why does my child have charges?
Your child may have purchased an a la carte item that is not free. Also when an application approval date expires, a free or reduced student without payment for meals will accrue charges and the parents are liable for these charges. Your child may have also not taken a reimbursable meal. A child’s tray must contain 3 out of the 5 items being offered and One must be a ½ cup of a fruit and or vegetable.

What if my child’s status changes?
A student who changes from free to reduced or full pay will be given 10 calendar days and written notice of the date of this change. A student who changes from full pay or reduced to free will be changed when the application has been processed.