DESE transportation policy excerpt

According to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education’s Transportation Policy:

“Waiting for the bus
Be on time for the bus but do not arrive at the stop earlier than 10 minutes before the time at which the bus usually arrives
Observe all safety precautions while waiting for the bus:
Do not play in the road
If possible, avoid crossing the street
Whenever you must cross the street, do so only if you are sure no moving vehicles are approaching from either direction
Do not push, pull or chase any other students
Avoid trespassing on private property and being noisy
As your bus approaches, line up at least six feet from the road, and do not approach the ust until it has stopped and the driver has opened the door.
Avoid pushing others in the line.”

It is important that students be at their stop on time so the driver knows to stop and pick up them up. Deviation from the scheduled stops, such as waiting for children who are still in the house, causes delays for the entire bus run.

Proper outdoor attire while awaiting for the bus will help students manage the elements and an adult waiting at the stop near snow drifts will keep the students safe until the bus arrives.