Bus Appeal Process

Before filing an appeal, please be aware that, due to the rural nature of our school district, the absence of sidewalks, the lack of street lights, and the lack of cell phone service, we wish circumstances enabled us to provide door-to-door transportation for all of our students.  However, doing so would be impossible both due to the poor condition of some back roads that do not support the safe transit of a 72 passenger school bus and the length of time it would require to stop at each and every home.  While we appreciate your concerns, the district has the statutory responsibility for transporting students to and from school.  The statute is clear in its requirement, i.e.: “the district must provide transportation if the distance between a child’s residence and the school he/she is entitled to attend exceeds two (2) miles and the nearest school bus stop is more than one mile from such residence.

While the district works hard to prepare school bus routes that provide the best possible service to students within the school district, getting children to and from bus stops is not the responsibility of the school district.  Obviously, we cannot provide supervision for students before they board or get off of assigned school transportation vehicles.

ALL bus stop appeals must be submitted on the Bus Appeals Form which may be accessed by clicking on the link below.   Bus appeals will be addressed through email within ten business days.   Please return completed appeal forms via email to transportation@qrsd.org or by mail QRSD, 872 South Street, Barre, MA 01005

Bus Appeal Form