Budget Fiscal Year 2020

Dear Reader:

FY2020 Budget presentations and documents discussed by the School Committee will be posted here.

It is important for the reader to know that although proposed budgets may be reviewed and approved by the Budget Subcommittee, the School Committee has not yet taken action on the FY20 Budget.

The School Committee will be hearing the Budget Subcommittee’s recommendation in March, 2019.  It is expected that the School Committee will take action on this proposed budget and this may be the proposal that will be presented at the Public Hearing on or around March 14th.

The Governor’s Budget will be released on January 23rd and will include state aid allocations that are essential to continued work on our budget. As the House of Representatives and Senate move through the Commonwealth’s budget process and changes are made to revenue sources, the School Committee may use any increased funding sources to further reduce member town assessments or to increase the budget to meet identified educational needs, or both.

Budget Subcommittee Meeting – January 10, 2019

Budget Subcommittee Meeting – February 7, 2019

Budget Subcommittee Meeting – February 28, 2019

Public Budget Hearing Documents – March 14, 2019:

FY 20 Line Item Budget – March 14, 2019
Budget by Function Subtotal – March 14, 2019
Appropriation Control Report – March 14, 2019

FY20 Public Budget Hearing Presentation – March 14, 2019

FY20 Public Budget Hearing Narrative – March 14, 2019